We divide our services into two, the core services are directly provided by us; you might notice that our core services mostly covers legal frameworks and design management, such as helping organizations to cultivate creative culture and design divisions required to sustain innovation, by connecting companies with designers, and our extended services are all the imaginable design solutions that our expert designer network provides. We also provide consultancy for copyright and patent infringement for design.


Core Services

Designers Source Book, Companies Info Book, Contract and Negotation Help, Contract Preparation, Contract Enforcement, Consultancy for Design, Consultancy for Presentation, Consultancy for Pricing, Meetings, Conferences and Education for Companies, Company-Design Meetings, Product-System and Service Design, Product Portfolio Development, Design Requirement Analysis, Design Meetings, Regulatory Support, Project Management, Design Matchmaking, Finding Designers and More


Extended Services

What we provide for companies are unlimited with the creative imagination of our designers; any type of design work is possible with our network of designers who are experts in their own respective fields, you could imagine us as a giant design factory that employs the best designers for each and single type of projects; some of these services are Brand Development, User Insight and Concept Generation, Sustainable Design, Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Research and Development, Electronics Design, Tooling and Moulding, Product Design, Graphics Design and all other services that you would need from designers.


Service for Finding Designers

DesignMediators can help you find a designer to work with your brand. Thanks to our exclusive and large database, we are able to comply with very specific requests in hundreds of design verticals. For example, if you are furniture manufacturer who wish to introduce new products and increase brand value, we could find you an Italian Furniture Designer, or if your company is interested in producing precision instruments, we could match you with German or Japanese Engineers, and if you are a real-estate developer, we can help you reach American Architects. Working with a designer is a great way to improve your brand value and public communications. You could co-brand with designers, tapping to their brand values and therefore increasing the value of your products or offerings. DesignMediators work only with award winning, world renowned designers to ensure a successful collaboration.