We are design mediators. We are a third, neutral party who assists in design negotiations and conflict resolution during design contracts, the process being known as design mediation, the design mediators perform a task to bring together companies and designers on equal grounds. In this context, the design mediators are trusted, neutral parties that ensure the most for the benefit of both parties; the designers and the companies.


How do we work?

We have a database of selected designers that are experts in their fields, we connect them to interested companies and clients. We take commision from both sides to ensure neutrality, designers pay a percentage fee on sales and companies pay an up-front predetermined fee depending on the required analysis and targeted proposal collection. We have developed a relational database of designers, their portfolio and companies they have worked for covering every major markets. We help both parties to prepare the contracts in a mutually agreeable way, we work to ease money transfers, we ensure that designers provide solid results and we ensure that companies make timely payments. To do so, we require a goodwill payment from both parties that are deposited with us, and returned after the contract is fulfilled or cancelled with the agreement of both parties. If any parties cannot fulfill their liabilities, the contract becomes invalid and the party that broke the contract loses its deposit money.


Connecting Business Minds with Creatives

We help identifying new ways to support designers by uncovering the needs of corporations and institution. We also assist organizations building a creative and design concept to sustain innovation and launch new ventures. We provide favorable conditions for the parties' decision-making with, the identification of issues, the clarification and detailed specification of respective interests and objectives, identification of options and we facilitate the parties' negotiations by identifying each parties' interests and priorities, setting an agenda, encouraging efficient communication. We provide confidentiality, cross-cultural competence and we help with legal issues, patents and copyrights. We offer companies a complete range of professional design solutions by different designers. Every designer has a specialist area of expertise. Rarely can a single designer could offer a company the best value, quality, and service in all areas of design. This would mean having the best designers imaginable for every single variation of design job. This is why many companies prefer using design mediators as opposed to a single designer or design agency.


Not a Design Broker or Agent

A Design broker is a non-neutral party that connects a designer and a company on behalf of one of the parties. A design broker usually acts as a buyer of design for compaines, protecting the interests of the companies that contracted them. Design agents act on behalf of designers to sell their designs and services, protects the interest of the designers. We, the design mediators, work on equal basis for the both parties, to ensure that both the designers and the companies are satisfied in this trade. We help you talk to the right designer or company for your sector, both the designers and companies will have their own dedicated service manager to assist communication, contracts and other details. For companiew, design mediators will offer a solution that matches their budget and business, for designers, design mediators will link them to a credible company that is trustable. Every imaginable design solution is available thanks to a wide range of designers, and every imaginable design job is available thanks to many companies that choose us.


Get Started

Designers should register with us by completing their profile, companies interested in design services should contact us so that we could register necessary information such as the company details, contacts, design brief, targets, budget and more.